460km and 9000 meters of elevation gain.wonder.freedom.suffering.

The route, rich in elevation and landscapes, crosses the Ardennes, the Famenne and the Condroz. You will be both pushed to your limits and amazed by the gems that the Conquest can offer you. Open your eyes wide, and try to resist until the end!

Four zones

The route of the Conquest can be divided into 4 zones depending on the geography. You will have to deal with different types of climb depending on the terrain you are riding on.

91 km and 1770 EG

107 km and 2500 EG

117 km and 1850 EG

142 km et 2750 D+

La Mise-en-Jambes

91 km and 1770 EG

La Mise-en-Jambes is like the welcome drink. An introduction directly into the atmosphere with the Thier de Huy and its maximum slope of 17%, a good way to check if the 34-34 is well oiled.

The route then plunges gradually eastward to seek out hostilities one by one. An ideal warm-up before the main course that awaits you in the Hell of the Old Lady.

Listed hills :

Thier de Huy  Haie de Barse  Côte d’Oneux

Côte de Kin Côte de la Redoute  El Minire Rue Haftay

Chemin des Moutons Col d’Annette et Lubin

.The Hell of the Old Lady

107 km and 2500 EG

When I designed the gargantuan route of the Conquest, one of the objectives was clearly to harden Liège-Bastogne-Liège. On paper, the Old Lady (La Doyenne des Classiques) has it all, but the presence of too many transition zones between climbs is likely to overshadow them. Sections of valleys without great emotions. We therefore present here the Hell, from Spa, who will impose his terrible and varied slopes on us repeatedly, without wasting time in a healing valley that could soften our calves becoming stiff.

For some of us, Zone 2 will be fun, like the Col du Rosier, for others, it will be indigestible, like the Thier de Coo. For an attempt within 24 hours, it is undoubtedly in the Hell of the Old Lady that you will know if the initiative still has a chance to bear fruit, or if the Old Lady has already cut you down, destroying any hope of being a Chasseur Ardennais. In any case, the Great Eddy, immortalized in his stone at the top of the Côte de Stockeu, will be there to encourage you to resist, and to go to the end. Because if you are there, day or night, it means that you are a Conqueror in the making... At the end of Zone 2, you will total more than 200 hilly kilometers and 4000m of elevation gain, with worn legs, to undertake the Great Traversée.

Listed hills :

Col du Rosier (Nord)      Aérodrome de Spa        Raidillon Spa-Francorchamps     Côte de Meiz   

Chemin d’Amermont    Col du Rosier (Est)       Col du Xhierfomont        Côte de La Gleize       

Thier de Coo       Côte de Stockeu        Côte de Brume         Côte des Bodeux

La Grande Traversée

117 km and 1850 EG

With its height ratio of 16m per kilometer, the Grande Traversée acts as a recovery area in this Conquest of the Ardennes. This is probably where you will need to find your second wind, after being forced to hit the breaker in the Old Lady's Hell.

Appetite comes with eating, so your appetite, after 200km of climbing, is at its peak at this time. That's good, because riding towards La Roche-en-Ardenne and its feudal castle will not be so easy. Hills sometimes easier, but still real hills. You will discover other conditions here, with parts more exposed to the wind than before. Climbing is good, but climbing with a headwind is better!

The Conquest is also a bit of sweetness. The opportunity to open your eyes wide, because you wander in the Deux Ourthes Natural Park and its majestic forests, you will get foot in the Famenne, and will end at the Condroz border along the Lesse. From the southernmost point of the route, let yourself slide quietly towards the Meuse area, before the last part of this Conquest.

If you haven't felt any cramps yet, expect them sometime soon. It's a fact and the numbers never lie: at this stage, if you started in Huy, you will have more than 320km and 6000 EG.

Listed hills :

Côte de Bra   Côte de Samrée Nord    Col de Haussire

Côte de Maboge   Côte de Hives    Côte de Nassogne

Côte de Wavreille   Côte de Ciergnon

La Bataille des Murs (The Battle of the Walls)

141 km et 2750 D+

KM 320. More than 30 climbs of all kinds in the legs. It burns. The Grande Traversée went well, but the hip balancer got rough. Pedaling was smooth 10 hours earlier, but is now starting to get angular with a lower cadence. However, there is still a site to be completed, a battle to be won. That of the Walls. A sawtooth battle.

The Meuse area offers this playground favourable to punchers: shorter but steeper climbs, while also having some more traditional hills in stock. Without going into details, Montagne de La Croix, Gayolle, 7 Meuses, Triple Mur de Monty, Mur de Huy,… will stand up as real ramparts in front of you. The phrase "be in front of wall" will take on its full meaning after a good fifteen hours of conquering plenty of ascensions.

We saved the best for last. The apotheosis. To end in style. This is here, this is now. The 34-34 has never been so useful. When you arrive on the roof of the Citadel, you can see the last bastion towards Huy. Only 50km remaining, in normal times this would be a formality. But beware, these 50km are tricky. Shark's teeth have not finished to consume you.

Listed hills :

Côte de la Reine (Houyet)   Grand Virage   Château de Vêves

Montagne de La Croix   Charreau de Leffe  Côte de la Gayolle

Côte des 7 Meuses   Triple Mur de Monty   Beau Vallon

Citadelle de Namur    Rue G. Attout    Côte des Trois Frères 

Tienne aux Grives      La Flime-Solières    Mur de Huy

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