1. La Conquête des Ardennes

The Conquest of the Ardennes (La Conquête des Ardennes) is a course created by Olivier van Elmbt. This initiative is inspired by the 7 Majeurs, in terms of free participation format and the ranks according to the time elapsed. In addition, it is part of the Ultra D+ Challenge bringing together the 7 Majeurs and the Omomarto.

2. The Route

The Conquest of the Ardennes is a cycling route suggested to any cyclist in search of freedom and discovery through the Ardennes, the Famenne, and the Condroz.

Proposed start is in Huy, with the aim of completing the loop in apotheosis at the top of the Mur de Huy. However, each participant can choose his starting point on the course.

The direction of the course is imposed and must be respected. Each participant will make the loop clockwise, in order to climb the hills in the right direction.

The participant can complete the Conquest of the Ardennes in self-support, or with assistance.


3. The Ranks

Each participant who completes the loop will earn a specific rank, depending on the total time elapsed. If the participant does it :

  • within 24h without assistance : rank of Chasseur Ardennais, with Honors. With assistance : Chasseur Ardennais.
  • within 48h, only one ride : rank of Baroudeur
  • within 48h (with a night sleep break) : rank of Sanglier des Ardennes.
  • during the same season (e.g. 4 stages) : he will earn the rank of Marcassin (Baby Boar).

4. Safety

The Conquest is not a one-day event. It is a permanent cycling tour on road open to traffic. The participant is therefore subject to any road event that he may encounter during a personal workout or personal excursion.

The participant must comply with the Belgian traffic regulations. This involves wearing visible clothing and having enough lighting when riding at night or in circumstances that require it (e.g. fog, rain, poor visibility).


5. Liability

The achievement of the proposed route is entirely the choice of the participant.

The participant will enter the challenge only if he or she considers him(her)self to be in good physical shape, with no health problem.

He or she will have to adapt his/her speed and behavior to the current circumstances (traffic jams, urban areas, road works, unforeseen weather, ...)

Moreover, because of the covid-19 crisis, the participant has to respect and adhere strictly to the applicable regulations in Belgium at the moment he/she take part in the challenge. This involves to respect a possible curfew, to have a buccal mask at any moment if stated by the Authorities. The participant is responsible for seeking information about those sanitary regulations. Not respecting these measures and the curfew will imply not validating the activity.

6. Registrations and certification

Registration fee is 17€. It covers the costs of communication and protecting the Conquête des Ardennes. Each participant that has registered and completed the route will be classified in the Hall of Fame. The fee also includes a souvenir of this experience.

  • 48h before your start, send an e-mail to inscriptions@conquetedesardennes.be with your start time, to confirm your attempt.
  • Before your attempt, please tell us when you start on the Facebook group Facebook : Resist & Ride – Belgium Ultraycling Championship. La communauté est fière de ses aspirants et n’attend qu’une seule chose : vous encourager !

When the participant has completed the Conquête des Ardennes, he/she can request for certification, sending his/her Strava activity to homologation@conquetedesardennes.be . On top of that, he will have to take and send a selfie at some of the landmark spots on the route : Côte de la Redoute, Stèle Eddy Merckx (Côte de Stockeu), Meuse in Dinant, Citadelle of Namur, Mur de Huy.

7. Insurance

The organizer draws your attention to the importance of taking out personal insurance coverage for bodily injury that may result from your sports practice. You can take out such insurance from our partner Assur Connect, a broker specialized in sports insurance, clicking here.