Where does The Conquest come from ? How has it been imagined ?

Discover the route : 457km & 9000m of elevation gain, more than the Mt. Everest !

Terms of participation

Become a Chasseur Ardennais, a Baroudeur, a Sanglier des Ardennes, or a Marcassin

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La Conquête des Ardennes
Resist & Ride.

The Conquest of the Ardennes is an extraordinary ultra cycling route. A challenge out of the calendar. A permanent hike that you can travel along while respecting your desires and your objectives. The route plunges into the depths of the Belgian Ardennes, then crosses the Famenne and the Condroz. Thus, you will have the opportunity to measure yourself against all types of climbs: from hills and small passes of Liège-Bastogne-Liège, to walls on the edge of the Meuse.

Its difficulty lies in the incessant chain of hills one after the other. Your ability to cross them will be severely tested. The goal was to achieve a total elevation gain of at least the Mount Everest, while being achievable, for the most expert of you, in less than 24 hours.

Effort management and Strategy

What will be your strategy to progress ? Slowly but surely, or with panache ?

Time target

What will be your target ? Sub 24h or 48h ? Or a more human experience in several stages ?

Alone or with your mates

The Conquest may be a solemn experience, a solitary challenge. But it may also be shared with your training mates, challenge them !

Push your limits

The difficulty of the course will push you to your last entrenchments, you will have to show tenacity to overcome the Conquest of the Ardennes.

They did it !

Incredible route. We have rarely made a journey so successful in the choice of roads, landscapes, difficulties. It's an amazing business card for Wallonia !

Thomas C.

Sanglier des Ardennes, février 2021.

It was by far the hardest, but also the most beautiful ride I have ever made, and on top an adventure of a lifetime ! During our ride, Lars and I pushed our boundaries both physically and mentally.

Ruud V.

Baroudeur, septembre 2021.

We made it ! That was fantastic, thank you for this superb experience in Belgium.

Joel P.

Sanglier des Ardennes, mars 2021.

Completely crazy challenge, just like the route. What a variety of landscapes and sensations on each section ! What an unforgettable experience !

Martin B.

Chasseur Ardennais, juin 2021.

Very pleasant course, but also very demanding. In comparison, the Route des Grandes Alpes is easy !

Christel L.

Marcassin, mai 2021.

Superb adventure through the Belgian Ardennes. What a beautiful region, we want more ! The Battle of the Walls was the most complicated stage.

Kévin S.

Marcassin, mai 2021.

Thanks for putting together a cracking route and a wonderful intro to the Ardennes. So goog to do some familiar climbs and some very unfamiliar hills and roads.

Guy M.

Sanglier des Ardennes, avril 2021.

Big thanks for this wonderful route. Good surprise to ride the Battle of the Walls, almost all was amazing !

Simon C.

Sanglier des Ardennes, mai 2021

What a challenge, what an adventure, and what a journey! It's really huge! Suddenly, it's a real happiness and a pride to reach the end.

Cédric D.

Chasseur Ardennais, mai 2021.

This region is very suitable for cycling. Congratulations for the quality of the track, with the sequence of walls and very varied landscapes. You can feel the job and the love for the country.

Cédric L.

Baroudeur, juin 2021.

Being used to the Ultra, I must say that this route is very selective, and I am very proud to have succeeded in less than 24 hours and self-supported, at 55 years old.

Alain N.

Chasseur Ardennais, juin 2021.

That was harder than I anticipated. The last 100km I was totally broken.

Stijn V.

Chasseur Ardennais, juin 2021.

Ride in the footsteps of the Greatest.

The Conquest route follows famous routes and climbs that have made cycling history. You will ride on the theater where the greatest champions have written their legend. No doubt that you will feel this very special atmosphere, that will be there to carry you.


Many hills are from the Old Lady.

Flèche Wallonne

Will you still have enough energy to challenge the Criquiélion turn ?

Terre de cyclisme

Belgium is a historic cycling nation. It has and will continue to be the breeding ground for great champions. 

100% road

100% road route, no gravel.

Devenez Conquérant-e.

Depending on your total elapsed time, you will earn a specific rank.

Chasseur Ardennais

Within 24 hours 


Within 48h, one ride

Sanglier des Ardennes

Within 48 hours


In one season (e.g. 4 stages)

They talk about us !

Escalader les mythes de La Doyenne, de La Redoute à Stockeu, en passant par Rosier ou la Haute-Levée, et d’innombrables autres difficultés, c’est ce qui vous attend sur “La Conquête des Ardennes”.

Dernière Heure Les Sports

My mouth therefore dropped open when I saw this route.

La Conquête des Ardennes is a fun variation on Everesting.

The course is just brutal.