The 7 Majeurs showed the way, you voted for the concept… That of personal challenge, in total freedom, solitary and meditative, united and collective. Finding your limits, sharing with a community, living a unique experience with a minimum of constraint, this is our promise.

TheUltra D+ Challenge offers you the opportunity to choose when, how and with whom you will face courses that are as dizzying as they are unique.

The 7 Majeurs, the Conquest of the Ardennes and the Omomarto have the same values ​​of surpassing oneself, respect, humility, sharing, courage, and are now linked. Impossible challenge of a week, ambitious of a month, more realistic of a season, or without time limit, these three tracks will be for all of us, passionate about long distances and cumulative climbs, a symbol of belonging.

This is why we wanted to offer you this program, because in these times when our projects carry more uncertainty than certainty, this dream will be unbreakable.

La Confrérie des 7 Majeurs

Conquer the peaks and enter the Legend.

Pour les adeptes d’efforts au long cours et de chevauchées cyclomontagnardes, les 7 Majeurs vous combleront avec un parcours grandiose à travers les Alpes du sud.

360km – 12 000 D+ , et des sommets qui tutoient les cieux.

Les 7 Majeurs font partie de l’ Ultra D+ Challenge.


La défaillance, tout simplement.

L’Homme au Marteau a construit la légende des forçats de la route. La Montagne est impitoyable. Oserez-vous défier l’Omomarto et basculer chacun de ses sommets ?

370km et 10 000 D+, au départ d’Annecy.

L’Omomarto fait partie de l’ Ultra D+ Challenge.